In "Dream Walking", LifeSize has delivered a wonderfully eclectic album unified by a distinctive artistic voice and vision. Sometimes the glass of life is half full, sometimes it’s half empty; but mostly it’s just too damn dirty to see through clearly.

A Seattle-bred half-life Los Angeleno, LifeSize joins forces with acclaimed recording artist and producer Dave Darling and an inspired group of guest musicians (Arlan Schierbaum, Rodger Carter, Carl Sealove and multi award winning guest vocalist Janiva Magness) to craft a hair-raising clutch of larger-than-LifeSize songs.

Influences: Mark Lanegan, Pixies, The National, Lee Hazlewood, Akron/Family, Simple Kid, Medicine Head, Beta Band, Grinderman, Daniel Lanois, Firewater, Grandaddy, Iggy Pop, J.J. Cale, Luna, Shudder to Think, Julian Cope, Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, Lambchop, Beatles.